Zoo Med Natural Cork Round Review

Zoo Med Natural Cork Round is a full hollowed out cork wood hide. It is easy to cut to your desired shape and length to fit in your enclosure. It is completely enclosed which provides your animal an extra feeling of security.

It is all real wood and is all natural. Cleaning is a bit more difficult than synthetic options although it is not very difficult to clean with a soapy water soak and drying process. It is sturdy and stands up well to holding up the weight of our animals. Since it is sourced naturally it looks awesome in naturalistic enclosures.  Rough surface also aids with shedding and it is not rough enough that it is a danger to the skin of your animal.

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Zoo Med Natural Cork Round




Ease of Cleaning





  • Natural look
  • Easy to cut/ customize
  • Secure


  • Harder to clean than synthetic hides
  • Doesn't last as long as synthetic

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