Zoo Med Habba Hut Hide Review

Zoo Med Habba is a halved hollow log hide. It is all natural and adds to an naturalistic enclosure. It comes in small, large, and extra large sizes. The large is enough to fit medium to larger animals and provides them a nice hide rest and alleviate stress. It open at both ends so I recommend that you use it with other decorations to provide your animal with a greater feeling of safety. It is easy enough to clean although not as easy as synthetic options. This can be done using soapy water and a soak and drying process as necessary. The bark is naturally rough enough to be a low risk of injury to your animal but rough enough to aid in shedding if your animal decides to use it for that purpose.

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Zoo Med Habba Hut Hide




Ease of Cleaning





  • Natural look
  • Long lasting
  • Multiple sizes


  • Not as easy to clean as other options

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