Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding Review

Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding is a great cypress mulch substrate for reptiles. It is not heat treated so it can retain humidity well. Cypress mulch is a very good substrate for animals that need moderate to high levels of humidity. Cypress mulch absorbs moisture in the air and releases it back into the environment over time. This will help you maintain humidity in the enclosure.

In our experience Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding is a great cypress mulch substrate. It is more than adequate for helping to maintain humidity. With periodic misting and this substrate maintaining 60-70 percent humidity is easy!

Cypress mulch is a moderately firm bedding that works for reptiles to walk around and lay on. The mulch also is processed well enough that there are no longer sharp edges or splinters. The pieces are large enough that the risk of impaction is lessened. It has low dust levels to help prevent respiratory infections and keeps the enclosure glass clean. The animals also don’t have too many particles stick to their bodies after a swim and they will fall off.

Cypress mulch is not the best for burrowing animals. The substrate does not maintain structure so the burrowers can’t really do what they want. Outside of that, I would gladly recommend this substrate for any appropriate reptile.

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Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding


Humidity Retention


Animal Safety


Ease of Cleaning





  • Retains humidity
  • Low dust
  • Low chance of impaction
  • Natural look


  • Not good for burrowing

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