Flukers Premium Tropical Cypress Bedding Review


Fluckers Premium Tropical Cypress Bedding is marketed for all enclosures. It is made with good quality cypress mulch that has been twice milled. Cypress mulch provides a very good substrate for those animals that need moderate to high levels of humidity. The cypress mulch will absorb the moisture of the air and release it back into the environment over time. This will help in maintaining the correct level of humidity in the enclosure.

In our experience Flucker’s products are a fine representative of cypress mulch as a substrate. It is more than adequate for maintaining humidity in our enclosures. With periodic misting and this substrate maintaining 60-70 percent humidity for the tropical animals is a breeze.

The mulch also provides a nice moderately firm bedding for the animals to lay on. The mulch also is processed so well that we do not worry about sharp edges or splinters that could injure our animals. The pieces are large enough also that the risk of impaction is lessened because animals are unlikely to swallow it accidentally. The lack of dust in the substrate helps prevent respiratory infections and keeps the enclosure glass clean. The animals also don’t have particles of the substrate stick to their body before or after a swim.

However if you keep a species that likes or needs to burrow this isn’t the optimal product. Unless you are using it in conjunction with another substrate the mulch doesn’t maintain structure. I would gladly recommend this substrate for any reptile that doesn’t burrow and needs moderate to high levels of humidity.

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Flukers Premium Tropical Cypress Bedding


Humidity Retention


Animal Safety


Ease of Cleaning





  • Retains humidity
  • Low chance of impaction
  • No dust
  • Natural look


  • Not good for burrowing

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