Exo Terra Heat Mat Review

The Exo Terra heat mat is an under the tank heater that transfers heat through the substrate. This product can also be used on the side of the tank to boost higher air temperature. If applied correctly, it is a good source of heat for animals that need precious belly heat.

This heat mat is flexible enough in use that it will certainly aid in fulfilling your animals’ heating needs. For example, this product can easily be paired with another heating source in order to provide higher levels of heat for any animal that requires higher temperatures.

Like all heating products, this product should be used with a thermostat so you can properly monitor and control the temperature of your enclosure for safety purposes. The Exo Terra heat mat is a very solid source of 24 hour heating.

Our experience with this product has been really good. The heat mat works as advertised under our tank. However, the depth of our substrate somewhat weakens the desired effect of the product. We have it linked with a heat lamp in order to fulfill our reptile heat needs. It is important to monitor you animals’ behavior so that they aren’t digging a burrow and resting directly on the glass above the heat mat, as this can result in burns or death.

Follow the directions thoroughly. Make sure that your enclosure is somewhat raised and has an adequate air flow under the tank to avoid heat build-up. When using this product, we were able to keep the hot side of the tank in the low 80’s so it provides adequate heat for night-time. In my opinion, I would only use this product on glass surfaces. I would recommend this product for anyone that has a glass enclosure either for use as a primary heating source, or as a supplementary heating source.

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Exo Terra Heat Mat







  • Consistent heating
  • Sticks to enclosure


  • No thermostat attached

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