About Us

About Us

Welcome to Lavish Reptiles! We are very excited to bring the best information we can forward about reptiles. We have experience and a passion for reptiles and their best care as well as knowledge about them. This site is dedicated to bringing the best information for their care as a pet and keeping. Reptiles are great long-time companions that anyone can enjoy keeping. Please use our site to find all the knowledge you need and feel free to comment!


Hello! My name is Kurtis and I have been a reptile lover almost my entire life. My goal is to help others gain the passion that I have for keeping reptiles. (In fact, I currently own a Savannah Monitor and a Crested Gecko.) I love to teach others about reptiles and their care, as reptiles make great pets for many people. I have been friends with Brady for a long time, and we ultimately hope to open up our own reptile store someday. Thanks for your support!



Hello! My name is Brady and I am a reptile owner who has writing and marketing experience. I have followed the reptile hobby very passionately and am close friends with Kurtis. I am excited to bring the best and most accurate information about reptiles that I can to everyone that is willing to take the time and look!